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Dichroic glass jewellery makes a beautiful and unique gift – no two pieces are exactly the same. With a wide array of colours and designs, Serendipity by Design glass jewellery suits the tastes of even the most discerning buyer. Our glass pendants range from fun, fresh and funky to conservative, classic and classy. For that unique piece of handmade jewellery or home art, view our collection of dichroic glass pendants, dichroic glass earrings, dichroic glass rings, dichroic glass bracelets, dichroic glass sets, art glass jewellery and glass wall art & home art.

Each and every one of our pieces are one-of-a-kind.  If you love it, buy it now to avoid disappointment! :)

Did you know?...

  • The word “dichroic” (dye-cro-ick) is derived from the Greek roots “di”, for two, and “chroma”, for colour. “Dichroic”, therefore, literally means “two-coloured”. Known for its chameleon-like characteristics, dichroic glass will transition between colours when viewed from different angles.
  • Dichroic glass has been made and used by man for over 1000 years! In the 4th century AD, the Lycurgus Cup was created in Italy.  In more recent times (1950’s), NASA developed a high-tech method of creating dichroic glass to use as an optical filter and shield on its space-craft and equipment.
  • Today, dichroic glass is one of the most beautiful and enchanting materials used by glass-artists. It was the “unexpected and delightful discovery” of the fascinating beauty of dichroic glass, which led to our artist Tina Coppola’s new passion. Dichroic glass for NASA is science; dichroic glass for us is art.
I have purchased several pendants from Serendipity By Design as gifts and also for myself. Each pendant is as unique as the person who wears it. Every time I wear a pendant, my friends always comment about the beauty and quality of the product. The only problem is...choosing which pendant to wear! Thank you Serendipity By Design!
Liz - Clarkson, Western Australia, Australia.
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